24 August 2011

The Language of Flowers

I recently read The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh and really enjoyed how the flower theme wove through the story line. It got me thinking about what my own wedding flower bouquet symbolised (see below: number 3).

I thought it would be interesting to see what other bridal bouquets and their flowers represent. Their meanings were found by searching the internet and as well as from the book.

What did your wedding flowers mean? Did your florist mention symbolism of flowers when you were planning? Or was it about what flowers matched with your colour theme and available in season like my own did?

1. Calla lilies
Lily (Calla) = beauty / modesty

2. Carnations (image source)
Carnation (Pink) = I'll never forget you / mother's love
Carnation (White) = sweet and lovely / innocence / pure love / faithfulness / good luck

3. My oriental lily bouquet
Lily (Oriental) = happiness, excitement, and prosperity
Lisianthus = appreciation / deep, heartfelt, romantic desire / charisma and congeniality
Ivy = fidelity / friendship / affection
Rose (Pink) = grace / perfect happiness

4. Orange Gerberas (image source)
Gerbera = regard

5. Sunny yellow bouquet (image source)
Sunflower = false riches / loyalty
Rose (Yellow) = infidelity / joy / friendship

6. Summery meadow flowers (image source)
Poppy = fantastic extravagance / eternal sleep, oblivion, imagination

7. Miranda roses (image source)
Rose (Pink) = grace / perfect happiness
Lily (Calla) = beauty
Amaranthus = immortality / unfading

8. Sensational Spring (image source)
Muscari = power and confidence
Ranunculus = radiant charm
Tulip (Yellow) = cheerful thoughts
Rosemary = remembrance

9. Powder pink and blue (image source)
Delphinium = levity / airy
Hydrangea = dispassion / heartfelt emotions
Hostas = devotion

10. Classic red (image source)
Rose (Red) = love / passion
Rose (Deep Red) = un-selfconscious beauty

11. White orchids (image source)
Orchid (Phalaenopsis) = flower of magnificence
Orchid = love / beauty / refined beauty

12. Christmas posy (image source)
Amaryllis = pride / radiant/splendid beauty
Lisianthus = appreciation / deep, heartfelt, romantic desire / charisma and congeniality
Holly = foresight / good will
Freesia =  lasting friendship / innocence and thoughtfulness.
Trachilium = neglected beauty