26 August 2011

My first follower

Just a quick note to say that I am super chuffed to have my first follower to my blog! Hello there follower, its nice to talk to you! (Me waving at my screen to you)

Hopefully you are the first of many or at least a few. Maybe I should aim for three followers to begin with. Best not be greedy!

Happy Bank Holiday weekend! Hope it's not too soggy for you.



  1. Hey petal! Look forward to reading your blog!!! x

  2. That makes 3, and International! Congrats on your blog!
    I usually invite you to come visit, but, don't come to Mexico right now... it's all to blood splattered right now :(

  3. Thanks for following me guys! Hope you like what I have to post. High five!

  4. hey,

    i guess i should follow you too ;)

  5. Lovely Pip, you are welcome to join in the loveliness!

  6. HooRayGun, sez Ron Raygun! I'm your 4th! WooHoo! And I'm happy to be aboard, cap'n. God bless you.