18 August 2011

My Lily and Meadow Themed Wedding

Planning my wedding and creating the designs for it sparked the idea to form Lovely Designs. Here are a selection of pictures of my wedding day so you can see how it turned out. You can see my wedding stationery on this post. Enjoy! 

I commissioned Sky Blue Designs to create my bespoke lily jewellery to tie in with the theme. 
My tiara was bought in Grays Antiques in London.

Me and my chief bridesmaid, Philippa, made the bow aisle decorations together by hand.

Top picture (left to right): 
Gaz (usher), James Magnus (usher and my brother), Alain (best man), Matthew (groom), 
Me and the bridesmaids: Philippa (chief bridesmaid), Becci (sister-in-law), Jane and Jordana.

We had tasty rack of lamb for our main course by Tierney's Caterers. The stacked cake (bottom right) 
was made by mum and is a Norwegian traditional cake called Kransekake. 

Friday 10th October 2008 (I can't believe how fast the time has flown by!)

Oaks Farm Barn, Shirley, Surrey

Theme / Colours:

Catering - Tierney's Catering
Jewellery - Sky Blue Designs
Stationery - Lovely Designs

Highlights of the wedding day:
The weather was amazing with bright sunshine and not a drop of rain. For a wedding in the UK and in October it was lucky for us! It meant we could have full use of the venue's gardens with no soggy heels.

It was the best day of my life because we had all these people who had travelled far and wide to support us on our special day. It was great to gather everyone together and enjoy a few drinks and tasty food with them.

... The fact that I got to wear a pretty dress was a bit of a bonus too!

Anything you would have done differently?:
Overall I thought the day went well and was lucky with how smoothly things ran but there were a couple of small niggles.

Even though I had allowed plenty of time for hair and make up in the morning, the time still flew by and I ended up running out of time to get dressed. When I popped my skirt on, it was hanging lower due to a last minute loss of weight or something. As there was no time to think, I left it as it was but it was a bit too long and didn't sit properly on the floor. If I had more time, I might have thought to safety pin it at the top so it sat higher under the corset.

The other thing was the DJ. We hired a friend from the pub my mum used to work at and he insisted that he would play whatever we wanted. I spent quite a bit of time compiling a list of songs that we loved and hated and I even purchased some of them to put on disc. In the end, the DJ did play a few cheesy songs and didn't use my list. But people were up dancing and the overall atmosphere was fun so I didn't worry about it too much.

How did your wedding reflect your personality?:
I love purple and so does Matthew. He wore a black suit and shirt which suits his normal style of dark colours. There was no way I could see him wearing a grey morning suit and a pale pink tie! The deep pink is also a colour that I love and thought worked well with the purple. I felt it suited the time of year to have deep berry colours. Definitely no pastels!

My favourite flowers are lilies and wanted to use them to create a bold and colourful theme.

The venue itself is a very intimate setting and gave the day a relaxed feel that suited us both as we wanted to keep things simple.

Where did you get your ideas and inspiration?:
I bought a few (but not loads) wedding magazines whilst planning the wedding. Mainly, I searched the internet for mood boards and discussion posts. I looked at Confetti for a starting point but felt a lot of there stuff is very generic. If I was planning a wedding now, I would look at the wealth of wedding blogs that are available. Some of my favourites blogs I currently follow for inspiration are listed on my profile.

Any time or money saving tips?:
Try to get friends and family to help with arranging or supply a service. My brother's friend's mum made cakes from home, so she made our wedding cake for a reasonable price.

Advice to other brides-to-be:
I think its easy to get carried away when planning weddings. I hear so many stories of bridezillas going on rampages and thinking only of themselves. On the other end of the scale are brides trying to please everyone. I'd like to think of myself as a balanced person, so I was somewhere in the middle with bouts of both behaviour.

Our wedding cost was split between my parents, Matthew's parents and we payed for the remainder. This meant that I was aware that they were entitled to an opinion too. When there was a difference in opinion we had an informal vote. Some people 'won' and some 'lost'. I was fairly open to compromise but there were some things that I wouldn't budge on. That's the thing to remember, it's your special day but you are also sharing it with others. Pick what is truly important to you and make sure you get that right. Everything else will fall in to place.

I also think that even when things go wrong on a wedding day (and they always do at some level), at least you will have something memorable to talk about in years to come. It could even be a hilariously funny tale, it all depends on your attitude towards the day. It is after all just one day. You have the rest of your life to enjoy and experience together (commonly known as marriage).