31 August 2011

New Designers 2011 Show

Back in the end of June, I was invited to visit the New Designers 2011 Show in London. My brother's girlfriend, Jo, was exhibiting her final degree work in the Jewellery and Metalworks section and she gave me a couple of tickets.

The entrance to the New Designers Show, held at the Business Design Centre, London.

I took my friend Philippa along as well. We went in the evening after work so I only had time to look at the section Jo was in. The show was split into two parts with craft and design in the first week, and graphic and product design in the second.

It was great to see Jo's work displayed on her table. I had seen some of her work when artworking her business cards and postcards as a little favour. However, seeing the pieces in the flesh is a whole different matter. 

I ended up falling in love with a particular piece (below), which I asked Jo if I could buy from her. She had already sold her first piece, a caddy spoon, earlier that day and she was pleased to have another person interested in her work.

The piece I bought from Joanne Wombwell

Here are some more pictures of her work and some other people's work that caught my eye, that have kindly permitted me to feature here.

Joanne Wombwell

Joanne Wombwell:
"Specialising in metalsmithing and enamelling, with inspiration drawn from Antonio Gaudi's organic architecture and vibrant mosaics, I create decorative and functional objects, currently including vessels and caddy spoons. Using precious and base metals, I hammer form the metal over various metal stakes, in tree trunks and sand bags, then through acid etching and enamelling I decorate the pieces. The vessels are designed to hold small items of jewellery, trinkets and treasures or simply enhance an area within any indoor space. A generous helping of tea leaves, from the caddy spoons, will make a perfect tea for one!"

Lauren Davies

Lauren Davies:
"Lauren Davies is a recent graduate from UCA. Her interest lies in the relationships we have with everyday objects, the memories they evoke and the feelings we have for them. Most recently her work has drawn inspiration from old clock pieces. This interest in mechanisms has resulted in movement being a focal point of her work, enabling the wearer can interact with the pieces." 

Nicola Crawford

Nicola Crawford:
"Nicola’s work examines the use of text as a decorative form, being inspired by a letter written during the II Word War she found in an antique shop. This made her think about the way we communicate with friends and loved ones today. Text messages and emails can never convey the same feelings of a handwritten letter. This letter had been kept for many years possibly treasured, read and re read many times. 
Nicola used computer aided design and laser technology alongside hand making techniques to develop a range of jewellery that would convey the permanence of handwritten letters, something that could be held in the hand and treasured."

Nora Loh

Nora Loh:
"Nora Loh’s designs use precious metals, gemstones and pearls to achieve a classic but contemporary look. She has recently received awards from The Goldsmiths’ Company and the British Jewellers’ Association. Nora's designs are inspired by nature and influenced by good design in other fields, from pottery to furniture and architecture."

Anna Pearson

Anna Pearson:
"My designs tend to spring from structure, man-made and natural. I try to take aspects of both and rebuild them to create forms that are graceful and flowing. The materials to be used have significant bearing on the design process as each material has it's own unique properties.
I use traditional techniques alongside modern technologies which allows me to attain high levels of craftmanship and to adhere to the values of truth to material, structure and function.
"Form ever follows function" stands at the heart of my work. It must have a use, but also be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Hopefully I am successful in this goal!"

Emma Louise Simmonds

Emma Louise Simmonds:
"Jewellery Designer, Emma Louise Simmonds, specialises in using laser welding as a creative tool to design beautiful, geometric jewellery, inspired by the tessellation and repetition within nature. 
Taking influence from crystal structures, amongst other forms in nature to create imaginative designs, Emma challenges the traditional methods of holding gemstones. Laser welding technology has enabled her to invent new and contemporary stone settings that take full advantage of the shape and cut of the gemstones." 

Lauren Cassells

Lauren Cassells:
"My work is based on my personal experience with growing plants. It is something that I thoroughly enjoy; yet fail at almost every time. 
This series is a take on plants that grow and survive in difficult conditions. I wanted to create jewellery that grows from the body, out of cracks in your fingers, or appearing as if the jewellery is shooting out of the skin." 

I hope you have enjoyed looking at these talented designers' work. Please consider supporting independent makers and buying their work. I can't put into words how enjoyable it is to own a unique or bespoke piece of work.

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