27 October 2011

Halloween and Gothic Wedding Ideas

Trick or treat?

In September, I had a reader make a comment to one of my posts asking me what I would design for a couple having a Goth wedding and it got me thinking. So just in time for Halloween, I thought it would be fun to create some mood boards for a Halloween or Goth themed wedding.

When producing a design, I usually like to start by gathering inspiring images and put together a mood board. It helps to define the colours and mood of the event.

Below are four mood boards I created for Halloween or Goth themed weddings and each have a different look and feel.

I love the ghostly wedding dresses at the top! Why not use subtle pops of orange to tie in with the theme.

Vampire Diaries, Twilight and True Blood... Vampires are everywhere and more popular than ever.
What could be more romantic than pledging yourselves till death do you part?


Go full on Goth with black and more black, but why not add touches of purple or wine red 
for depth. More is definitely more!

Vintage Gothic
I love the softer, faded feel of this Vintage Gothic theme. Channel a bit of Victoriana
or the dark side of the Mad Hatter's Tea Party.

I think any theme can be as over the top or subtle as you like. It's important to reflect you as a couple and your tastes,  and why not have a bit of fun with it too!

For more ideas and to see the image sources, check out my Pinterest board called Halloween + Gothic.