17 October 2011

Seeing Red (sort of)

I have been dyeing or highlighting my hair for the last 15 years. I have been sunkissed, light blonde, yellow blonde, bright red (while at Uni and was shortlived), plum and various shades of brown. I guess I get bored of my hair colour.

For the last six months I have been obsessing about red hair. I blame it on all the pictures of Christina Hendricks, Amy Adams (naturally blonde) and more recently Emma Stone. Plenty of celebrities such as Cheryl Cole and Rihanna have also dabbled with the hue.

Christina HendricksAmy Adams and Emma Stone

So I decided to take the plunge and be a red head for a while. With mixed results...

I chose John Frieda's foam which I haven't used before, in light red brown.

I dyed my highlighted light brown hair to a light red brown as you can see below.

On the left is before using the dye and on the right is the results after.

I gave it a week or so to see how the colour settled down and washed out. I felt it wasn't red enough and looked more brown than red. I had to use a lot of conditioning and shine products for my hair as the John Frieda dye left it looking dry and dull.

After a couple of weeks of letting my hair recover I decided to try going a bit bolder/deeper with the red. I used Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color in Fiery Red and this is how it came out...

Definitely red now!

What do you think? I quite like it but my husband is not so convinced. I think I will probably like it more after it washes out a bit. Now I need to see what clothes in my wardrobe works with the hair colour!