22 November 2011

DIY Wedding Ideas

There are loads of great ideas to be found out there on various blogs and wedding magazine websites. With everyone feeling the pinch, more and more people are turning to DIY to cut costs and personalise their day. Vintage is a popular theme at the moment and making homemade stuff gives an added whimsical charm.

It is worth noting that 'doing-it-yourself' is not always cheaper once you have bought all the materials for your project. You also need to factor in all the time it takes to make the items. Why not get friends and family to help out and arrange a day of crafting?

Bows for the aisle  

These big bows to decorate the aisle are from my own wedding. I made these one evening with my chief bridesmaid, Philippa. We only made four, two for the front and two at the back, as the aisle was fairly short. Compared to having flowers decorating the aisle, it worked out a lot cheaper.

I used a roll of white organza to create the big basic bow that was shaped and bunched in the middle. Coloured ribbon were tied in front with silver ribbon holding it all together and tied to the chair. Then it was finished off with a silver butterfly and wire twinkly bits.

Here are some other great ideas from my favourite blogs and other sites on how to give your wedding have a personal touch by making stuff yourself. Click on the links to take you to the original article and instructions.

Cake Decor

This sparkler/streamer cake topper is a great idea. It would work for all sorts of celebrations as well as your wedding cake. I would maybe add some streamers to stick out the top to give it a more firework look. Get DIY-ing now.

Romantic floral centre piece

If you have the time and energy, why not consider creating your own table centre flowers? Keep in mind that you will need to store the flowers somewhere chilled or as cold as possible to keep the flowers fresh. Don't start making them too long before the wedding, ideally the afternoon or evening before the wedding. Make sure you buy the freshest flowers possible (obviously!). And consider using flowers that are in season as they tend to last longer and can be more cost effective.

Guest book tree

Instead of having a traditional guest book for people to sign their comments in, why not create this novel guest book tree. It's fun, interactive and makes a great decoration itself!

Beautiful pearl necklace

This is a gorgeous and simple way to make a statement pearl necklace to finish off a simple strapless wedding dress to perfection.

Pimp up your envelopes

If you have a retro theme to your wedding, these dotty envelopes can give your invites a real pop of fun. Imagine getting one of these through your letterbox!

Chiffon and tulle flowers

These flowers are a great way to create your own stunning hair piece by sewing into a comb or hair band. Or you could attach it to a sash or a ribbon for a corsage.

Have you got any ideas of your own that you would like to share? Just get in touch with pictures and how-to instructions and you could feature on this blog!

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