08 December 2011

A little bit of news

My biggest news (well, big for me anyway) is I am now on Twitter. I have shied away from opening an account until now as I thought that I would never have anything interesting to say. I thought the idea of people posting about feeding the cat a bit mundane even if you are a celebrity... who cares about the cat food?

But I have had a few people over the last month or so saying I should get onto Twitter so I can spread the word about Lovely Designs. Reading various blog posts about marketing your small business online has confirmed the same.

So if you would like to follow me on Twitter, my name is @LoveDesignGirl. It links news feeds onto my Lovely Designs Facebook group as well. I will be 'twittering' about what I have been up to with my lovely business and things relating to design and weddings. Basically a bite sized version of this blog. I look forward to getting to interacting with you too!

Christmas Shopping

My most recent design added to my online shops.

I have uploaded a couple of more designs on to my Etsy shop which you can check out on:

Also I have booked a Showcase spot with Esty for Wednesday 14th December. Hopefully it will raise a bit of interest in my work and future visitors back to my shop. Wish me luck!

I have opened an account with the UK online sellers site called Folksy. You can see my new shop here:

It's very similar to Etsy and will upload the same cards that are on my Etsy shop. I figured it's best to get my designs available as many places as possible.

Big Cartel
Another online selling site that I found when I was looking at an independent designer's site and their shop was done through Big Cartel. You can customize the look with more choices than Folksy and Etsy. I have gone for the basic free template to start off with so the choices where very limited. The plus side is they don't charge a fee to list each item.

My Big Cartel shop can be viewed here:

Early next year I will be developing my shops further and adding more stock. I hope to sell my customisable Tailored to Fit range online and offer other designs for birthdays, anniversaries and other events.


  1. Have fun on twitter! It's a great way to meet people and network about your lovely cards :)


  2. Thanks! I am just trying to find my feet with twitter and hopefully get the hang of it too. You never know where it might lead!