02 February 2012

Be My Valentine

With the day of romance and love soon approaching, I thought I would do a shameless plug for my new range of cards for Valentine's Day. This girl has got to make a living!

I created three designs based on some cards that I designed and printed a while ago to hand out to potential clients at wedding fairs. My personal favourite was the lovestruck robot. The lady bugs in love was made with my hubby in mind. But the most popular card at the fairs was the simple confetti heart design on a bold red background. Which is your favourite?

The Valentine cards are printable templates, same as my recent Christmas and New Year cards. The designs are available to purchase on my online shops:

Robot Love

Love Bug

Be Mine

So far I have sold my robot card template a couple of times and had my heart card 'favourited' a few times. I would love to hear your feedback about the designs, pricing and any suggestions on how I can improve my service or shops. Please leave your comments below.

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