11 April 2012

Beautiful Sikh Wedding

When me and Philippa were just starting out with Lovely Designs, Philippa's friend Kirit announced her engagement to Dave. We quickly offered our services and discussed with Kirit her themes for the wedding and what she had in mind.

We settled on a henna inspired pattern and an elaborate chandelier style illustration for their invites and info sheets.

Here are some photos of Kirit and Dave's big day and comments about how it all went...

A close up of the chandelier illustration with red Swarovski glued on by hand. 

Here is the invitation with red and 'gold' colours to tie in with Kirit's beautiful wedding sari.

We also produced two information inserts to be sent out with the invitations. There was a version for the
Sikh guests and a version for the non-Sikh with extra information about Sikh wedding customs.

30th August 2009

The Bull Hotel, Gerrards Cross

Theme / Colours: 
Sikh wedding, purple and white colours.

Viyah Decor, Sarova Hotels, Damini, Dehlicious Catering, Eneet Walia, Lovely Designs!

Highlights of the wedding day: 
Just the whole day was pretty much perfect!

Anything you would have done differently?: 
I wish I had done a seating plan as my brothers and sisters had to sit really far from my table because another party ignored the 'reserved' sign! But at Indian weddings not much time is spent sitting and eating so it wasn't a huge issue. 

How did your wedding reflect your personality?: 
It was a Sikh wedding, which is something that I had wanted all my life, even though my husband is English and not religious as all. He embraced the Sikh ceremony for me and I'm so touched that he did that. Because it was a mixed marriage we were able to have a relatively small wedding (by Indian standards) which made it quite intimate as a lot of people knew each other.

Where did you get your ideas and inspiration?: 
Just by looking through wedding magazines and attending wedding fayres. Asian Bride is a great Indian wedding magazines, but there were loads I looked through for inspiration. The wedding dress I wanted is quite old-fashioned and I found it very difficult to find what I wanted at an affordable price. The film Pakeeza inspired the style of dress I wore, which is called Anarkali. I eventually did find it very late and it was perfect, I love it so much, I only wish I could wear it again!

Any time or money saving tips?: 
I made my own party favours, which were little ivory cardboard boxes with chocolates inside. Me and my mum and my sister folded all 140 boxes up and tied them with ribbon. This pretty much did my back in a few days before the wedding, but I recovered just in time! We also filled the boxes with purple tissue, which we initially tried to shred ourselves, this DID NOT work and we ended up buying the shredded tissue anyway!

Advice to other brides-to-be: 
Don't be pressurised to please other people, go for what you want. Your guests will see how happy you are and appreciate that and enjoy the day regardless. No matter how much time you allow, it will always take longer than planned for you to get ready!

Thanks again to Kirit and Dave for sharing their special day.