05 April 2012

Night Bear Foto – Long Exposure Photography

My younger brother, James Magnus, studied photography at school and then at university. Incidentally, he went to the same art university in Farnham, Surrey as me, although I studied Packaging and Graphic Design. My dad went to Guildford University many moons ago and all three of us had our graduation ceremonies at Guildford Cathedral.

Since James Magnus' graduation, he has stayed on in Farnham and has set up his own company called Night Bear Foto (nbf). He specialises in long exposure photography, which he discovered during his final major project in his final year.

Their logo using a stencil with coloured lights shone behind

What is long exposure photography?

Showing the Light by nbf

Long exposure photography can also be known as time-exposure photography and involves using a long-duration shutter speed to capture the stationary elements of images while blurring the moving elements.

When a scene includes both still and moving subjects, a slow shutter speed can cause interesting effects, such as light trails. It is easier to do in low-light conditions and night time but can also be done in brighter light using neutral density filters or specially designed cameras. Leaving the camera's shutter open for a long period of time allows more light to be absorbed and creates a brighter picture.

The team at nbf use a range of torches, flashing lights in various colours and stencils as their tools to paint with light. The end results are colourful photos which can be portraits of people, landscapes or abstract patterns.

Some of the tools of the nbf trade

Surrey Photography Show – April 2012
On the 10th April, nbf team will be heading down to Farnham at Pizza Express to their  work along with some fellow creative and hard working artists. If you are in the area, please come along to support them and see some exciting pieces of work.

For more information you can email James Magnus at nightbearfoto@hotmail.co.uk

London Photography Show – March 2012
Last month nbf hosted a light painting show and performance at Moroccan themed venue called D'Gaf near Maryland tube station, Stradford on the 10th March. The restaurant provided a spicy Middle Eastern buffet that was a reasonably priced £6.95 per person. It was absolutely delicious but did leave my lips a bit tingly!

Their flyer to promote the event

Where to find D'Gaf

Check out more of their photos from the event on their Facebook gallery link:

Here is what James Magnus said about the experience of hosting his first show:
The Bears are back safe in the woods a lot has been learned tonight. not many turned out but NBF was blessed to share the light and would like to say many thanks and blessing to every one at D'Gaf the staff are amazing the food made every one who was there quite which mean people where busy eating. i would like to say much respect and blessing to Raja Saddiq Khan and Bertold Brautigam for being patient and helping out. 

Please go down to http://www.facebook.com/dgafuk it is truly special Gaf as well as unique place for London. See you guys at D'Gaf soon much blessing and good night.

Wedding Photography:
Last year the nbf team came over to our house and set up a temporary studio in our living room. They created some great light photography shots of me and my husband, Matthew, back in our wedding outfits.

For more information and to view more of nbf's work, check out their site:


  1. Just found you via LinkedIn and Craft Blog. Stunning photography and you look beautiful in your wedding dress!

  2. Thanks Penny! I will pass on the compliments to my brother about his photos!