27 July 2012

Featured Artist: Zarafa Jewellery

At the beginning of July I went along to a workshop called Make It Pay that was run by The Design Trust. It was a packed day of seminars and talks on how to make your design or craft business earn money. I wanted to learn tips and get professional feedback so that I can be confident on the business-y side of running Lovely Designs.

Part of the day included networking and meeting fellow designers. It was really interesting to see what aspects other people were struggling with and wanted to learn more of. I met a few people on the day itself but made a point of contacting people via Twitter and emailing people to introduce myself. A little bit of support can go a long way!

One of the lovely people who replied was Mary Ann, the owner and designer of Zarafa Designs. She is a jewellery designer, working with silver and semi-precious stones. She even offers a bespoke service for brides.

Website: www.zarafadesigns.com
Email: maryann@zarafadesigns.com

Here are some pictures of Mary Ann's gorgeous jewellery and hair pieces, and below some information about her work in her own words.

Peach Pearl


Rose Quartz

Snow Queen

"The word Zarafa is an Arabic word for charming or beautiful  and my work is handcrafted from design to finish in my studio in Hemel Hempstead, where I live and work. 
I enjoy working with clients to create one of a kind bespoke pieces and have been commissioned  to rework pieces of clients jewellery into their wedding jewellery and tiaras /hair clips etc.
Rose quartz has been chosen for this collection of wedding  jewellery as it symbolizes unconditional love , joy peace and calming energy.
Pearls symbolize purity, charity, honesty, wisdom and integrity, all the best within us."

All photography on this post is by Paul Mounsey (www.paulmounsey.co.uk)


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