17 September 2012

Bigging up Beyond Beyond

A couple of weeks ago I went along to a speed mentoring event for women in business. It was held near Tottenham Court Rd Station, in the modern offices of Vitamin T, a talent agency for digital creatives.

It was a free event (yey!) hosted by SheSays, who hold events, where top females in the industry share their thoughts and help people work their way up.

I went to one for graduates and people in advertising and it had loads of creative directors and high level people from creative companies such as Boyd London, Dare, Iris and loads more. They also had someone from the Young Creative Council and The Mind Gym.

The event encouraged networking with fellow newbies and designers and copywriters who wanted to get in to advertising or get general advice. Although I am in graphic design, I was given some invaluable advice that was relevant to my situation by Kerry, Simona Schimanovich (Digital Art Director) and lastly Emma Sexton (Director of SheSays and Design Manager at The Mind Gym).

In my chat with Emma, I was telling her all about Lovely Designs and the journey I have taken so far and what is still to do. She identified that I need to work on my marketing and reaching out to my ideal client, essentially getting into their mindset and focus my energy on targeting them. All very sound advice, some of which I knew, but it always helps to hear it again!

She also offered to look at my Lovely Designs website from a completely outside perspective and give me constructive feedback. I now have a list of a few bits to tweak and improve on, but I also have the peace of mind that overall it's a good design and clearly worded. (sigh of relief!)

Emma's introduced me to her previous 'mentoree', Amma, who is also in the wedding industry and has the gorgeous blog Beyond Beyond. It was so great to meet a fellow designer who is juggling a full time job with their passion for making beautiful things.

When she gave me her business card, she was so excited that I recognised her logo from reading some of her posts. In her head, she still has this small blog and writes about wedding stuff just for fun.

Amma from Beyond Beyond

About Amma:
"Beyond Beyond started life in 2010, when I was a freelance graphic designer and office wretch who was trying to transition into living the dream (the dream being working in an office at the foot of my garden while staring out the neighbour’s cat).

When I started the Beyond Beyond blog it is was in a time before Pinterest and the blog was a great way of bookmarking the things that I loved and saving them in one digital place. Plus, I relished the fact that I got to write in the third person and be an online clown (being mature is a vastly overrated enterprise)...

... Beyond Beyond has now evolved into a well respected blog  (I still pinch myself at that fact)  as well as it being the home of my social stationery design, it has allowed me to work on lots of beautiful side projects that I would never have been able to get off the ground without this space." 

Here are some pictures and links from her blog, showcasing talent in design, photography and fashion relating to weddings, check it out!
Design Envy

Live Shoots

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