22 October 2012

Zoe Lem's Vintage Wedding Fair

28th October 2012 – The Old Sessions House, Clerkenwell EC1M 4NN

The count down begins with less than a week to go till I exhibit at Zoe Lem's Vintage Wedding Fair. With over 15 years as a stylist, Zoe Lem is hosting her fourth fair at the Old Sessions House, London.

Zoe says:
“Vintage has become such a huge trend in both mainstream fashion and in particular the wedding market. I believe our Fair is different from others for two main reasons. 
The first is that it showcases the glamorous edge to vintage which is, I believe, the side worth revisiting; less aprons and teacakes and more Hollywood glamour. 
The second is that though the fair is about inspiring brides and giving them beautiful food for thought it is also about education so that brides can understand those elements indicative to each era and how to revitalise them whether teaching on which era suits which body shape or how to hold themselves on the day as, for example, the 1930’s ladies would have done, how to create the perfect victory roll, how to dance as they did in the 1940’s and lots more…”

Zoe Lem on stage talking about the right era to suit your body shape.
Photography – Rhapsody Road

What to expect at the fair 

There will be both original vintage and vintage inspired goods and services including Zoe’s own new vintage style wedding dresses which will be available on the day plus fashion shows, live dancing, singing, vintage dj’s, hair and make-up demos, champagne/martini bar, tearoom, charm school and lots more. Suppliers will cover all areas needed to plan the perfect vintage wedding from Photographers, videography, florists, dresses, accessories, shoes, catering, stationary (like me with Lovely Designs!), crockery, props, entertainers and much more.

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Preparations for my lovely stand

I have been super busy buying props, spraying props, making signage, cards and flyers, and generally tearing my hair out and go slightly mad!

Here are some images of my progress.

My Vintage Schmintage Pinterest board.

Making mood boards and sketching ideas.
My collection of props on different coloured cloths. Before and during spraying some of them.

My new Art Deco inspired design samples for the goody bags.

19 October 2012

INSPIRED: LONDON book launch

I am so excited that the new book that I feature in, Inspired: London, A guide to handmade in London, and is soon be available to buy. I am going to the private launch next week and bringing my BFF, Philippa for moral support.

Inspired: London, A guide to handmade in London

The book Inspired: London has 150 handpicked designers (including little me!), such as an embroidery designer who helped create Kate Middleton’s wedding dress, to a designer who created bespoke and exclusive cushions for Harrods and Selfridges... Oooh! Can't wait to see their work and hopefully chat to the other designers!

The guide was created by Mary McDermott, who contacted me in the summer. She is the owner of We Make London, a series of regular craft events across the city, after she spotted a rise in the interest in handmade products in the UK.

Here is a quote from Mary about how the book came about:
“While the enthusiasm for handmade products has increased in the past few years, I also noticed that customers actually wanted to know more about the designers than you can with online shopping. They wanted to have a personal experience and to know that the products they buy have been lovingly made locally. So we decided to put together a book that would allow customers to actually meet up with the designer.”
The books will be generally available after 10th November. Here are the key dates and more information.

Spitalfields 10th and 11th November:
This is the big launch to the public. It will be sold at a launch price of £10.99 and won’t be available anywhere else until after this weekend. If you want to buy the book at this special price, head along to Spitalfields Market for a unique shopping experience.

12th November:
This is when it will be available online.

1st December Battersea Arts Centre and Spitalfields 22nd December:
The book will be sold at the normal price of £12.99 at these events, plus a few other events before Christmas.

Here are the handy links... 
... for the features and more about the designers, go to http://inspiredlondon.blogspot.co.uk/
... you can buy the book at http://wemakelondon.bigcartel.com/ 

10 October 2012

4 years of marriage bliss (and tantrums)

Our wedding rings

I can't quite believe it but today marks exactly 4 years since I walked down the aisle and married Matthew. It has absolutely flown by with a mixture of good times and not so great times, all part of any relationship and normal life.

Out of curiousity, I looked up what a four anniversary is symbolised by. According to Wikipedia, in America it is linen or silk and in the UK it is fruit or flowers.

So I am now expecting a bouquet made of fruit from my husband...

If you want a fruity flower display like this one, you can find some here.

... I shan't hold my breath or be disappointed if he doesn't get me one!

It's even harder to believe that we have been together (on and off) since the age 17. We have grown up a lot together, hopefully with a sense of humour and fun, and still have more to do.

We have noticed the little physical tell tale signs of getting older in each other. Thinning hair and less perky bust. But it doesn't make us love each other any less... at least that's what he tells me!

So cheers to taking each day as they come and looking forward to growing old (fabulously) with Matthew.

Happy anniversary, Matthew! 
xxxxxxx (infinity plus one)

P.S. We both have had our share of tantrums and strops but not both at the same time.