19 November 2012

Featured Designer: Federica Bruno

Things have been so busy for me lately and been preparing for a Christmas Market on Sunday 9th December 2012. If you are interested in coming along, it will be at The George Tavern, London, from 2pm with FREE entry. More details here.

Last month I had my head down preparing for Zoe Lem's Vintage Wedding Fair at the end of October. It went really well and will share some photos how it went and my stand soon.

The best bits of Zoe's fair was the abundance of interesting stands and suppliers. I met some really interesting people showcasing their services and designs when I had a look around.

One of the people that stood out for me was the lovely Federica Bruno who had a stand displaying her gorgeous bridal dresses. She had obviously put a lot of hard work into her display and was so friendly when I introduced myself.

We kept in touch via email after the dust has settled and she now has some photographs of her dresses to share with you below. The pictures were taken by the very talented Piero Quaranta, an Italian friend of Federica, who recently moved to the UK. You can read all about her designs and work process after the photos and her contact details are at the end of the post.  

And now to enjoy a bit of high drama and glamour, darlings!

Here Federica talks a bit about herself and her work:

Fashion and Dressmaking have always been elements really strong in my life, some of my relatives are tailors. My mother has a great talent for drawing and I’ve basically spent all my childhood in the workroom of my mother’s friend who’s a seamstress. So I’ve started to making ‘clothes’ when I was 3 years old (for my dolls at that time, of course!) and that’s probably when my passion started.
I moved to London a little bit more than 2 years ago, after years of studying and working as Fashion Designer in Italy. In my career I’ve gained a priceless amount of knowledge experimenting lots of different roles in the fashion industry, but I’ve always had one dream, to have my own Atelier, making my own unique creations for my real people, and now I’m finally trying to make this dream come true.
Making Couture gowns is the natural result of my whole background. Each creation is the result of the perfect balance between designs and sewing skills; I have an innate passion for luxury fabrics and elegant silhouettes, I’m also a lacework and hand embroidery expert so specializing in Bridal and Occasion Wear seemed a really natural choice. I’m an incurable romantic dreamer too, so I guess this influenced my choice as well! 
For my creations I take inspiration from anything around me every day, sometimes the smallest thing can make your brain switch on. But I usually look a lot at historic costumes and Art in general. I believe that’s an influence from my background as designer together with my traditional sewing skills which are quite clear elements when looking at my creations. I approach each gown as a real unique piece of art, just as much as a painting or a sculpture; I’m just using fabrics and beads rather than paint or marble. However, when it comes to dresses on commission, for my brides for example, a good 50% of the design is pure result of their own personality and taste. That’s really important for me, and a fundamental part of my job is to translate their own character in my designs, using a specific material, creating a particular shape, or when adding any detail. 
Currently I design and my Couture gowns in my East London Studio, which is a cosy and eclectic space in my own house. That’s an intentional location as I want people to feel relaxed and comfortable, opening my own space, without any compromise in the quality of the work. My aim is to offer not just a service but a whole experience. My offer ranges from Bridal to Occasion wear, from Alteration to Re-styling, and bespoke accessories. And also includes Wedding and Personal Styling. Every appointment is really pleasant and time restriction free, over a cup of tea and a cake. 



Contact Numbers:
+44 (0) 7792420651 or +44 (0) 208 279 7319



63 Huxley Road, London, E10 5QT
(By Appointment Only)

Photography by Piero Quaranta.