19 December 2012

Christmas Market at the George Tavern

On Sunday 9th December 2012, me and my mum, Ellen, had a stand at a Christmas Market held at the George Tavern, East London. 

The George Tavern is a popular and legendary pub in the heart of London's east end that my friend, Philippa, told me about their market. It's a 700 year old tavern mentioned in the writing of Charles Dickens, Samuel Pepys and Geoffrey Chaucer. Now it has regular gigs and is popular amongst artists and musicians. In fact their busiest night for the whole year to date had been the evening before the market!

Me and my mum drove up to London with a car filled with handmade crafts and cards. We arrived at the pub at 1pm to set up our table near the bar and it opened its doors to the public at 2pm. The bar staff were really friendly and made us feel welcome with mince pies and mulled wine for sale.

Sadly the pub never got really busy and although people said they liked our stuff and our stand (the word 'lovely' was used a lot!), there weren't many people buying. I spoke to some of the other stall holders and they seemed to have the same problem.

Aside from the disappointing sales, we were really proud of how our stand looked and won't let it put us off taking part in markets in the future.

Here's how it turned out...

Me and my mum with our stand and goodies to sell!

I helped my mum make these angels (£5 each) by drawing on their lips.
The felt gingerbread couple sold for £5.

I had some Inspired: London books to sell (I am featured on page 82).
The Father Christmas bottle covers were £8 each)

My Art Deco inspired cards were also for sale (£2.50).
The knitted angels are £8 each and the conical angels with white fluffy hair are £5 each.

Along with a range of Christmas, New Year and other greeting cards for sale (£2 each).
In the background are some hand knitted scarves made by mum.
I think they were £20 each in a variety of colours.

Here are some of my brother's light painting photography prints (£10 each).

Ta da!

If anyone has any feedback and comments on how we can improve our stand, products and prices, I would love to hear from you. Just use the comment form below or send me an email to marie-louise@lovelydesigns.co.uk