11 February 2013

Love is in the air

V-day is just a couple of days away and you would have to be heartless or clueless to not have noticed. All the shops are advertising their Valentine's gift ideas. I am already sick of roses and chocolates and I haven't even had any and don't expect any either. My husband isen't really the hearts and flowers man.

But even so, I couldn't resist sharing some mood boards that Philippa has created that are inspired by the day of love and romance...

Over on Etsy, things are hotting up with loads of great gift and card ideas. Don't forget to pop by my Lovely Designs UK shop for my printable Valentines cards.

Check out my LOVE is all we need Pinterest board for more inspiration.

Here is a pick of my favourites Valentine inspired items...

Red Heart Shaped Lovers Mitten Snuggle down for warm romantic walks

Shoe Heart Stopper Petals

Personalised Heart Cushion Cover

Funny Valentine Card - I'm keeping you

Bulk Chair Garlands - 50 red and white garlands