10 April 2013

Gets Hitched: My lovely stand

Well, I am delighted to say that considering how bone shatteringly tiring the four day fair was, I think it went pretty well. We had the weather against us with freezing temperatures and even more snow across the UK. The show started on Thursday 21st March and the weather didn't get the hint it should be Spring.

So despite the horrid weather, people did make the effort and come to visit the Craft Central Gets Hitched fair. And how pleased me and the other exhibitors were that they did! 

I met some great suppliers that I plan to feature in the next few weeks and some enthusiastic brides and grooms (just what we love!).

But now, its all about me and my stand for Lovely Designs...

The first day of the launch after setting up.

I was downstairs in the basement with no natural light.  So I bought some battery
operated spotlights and stuck them in the shelving that was provided. Ta da!

My trusty heart shaped card holder displaying my cards for sale.

My mum, Ellen, knitting away and putting her feet up after helping set up the stand.

The Second Day 

Friday 22nd March 2013

Here I am setting up for the day and my brother James Magnus came along
to say hello and take some photos for me.
(Photo credit: Night Bear Foto)

(Photo credit: Night Bear Foto)

Right, ready to go! I am wearing a head piece by the wonderful and
very friendly Rachel Black who was also exhibiting downstair.
(Photo credit: Night Bear Foto)

(Photo credit: Night Bear Foto)

I got some great comments about my homemade bunting banner!
(Photo credit: Night Bear Foto)

Philippa's lovely confetti themed wedding items.
(Photo credit: Night Bear Foto)

I created a new wine label to tie in with my lily themed wedding items.
(Photo credit: Night Bear Foto)

My new packs of thank you cards with gift tags.
(Photo credit: Night Bear Foto)

(Photo credit: Night Bear Foto)

Not forgetting my trusty light and text sign with the words Lovely Designs!
(Photo credit: Night Bear Foto)

Me trying out my most welcoming smile! :)
(Photo credit: Night Bear Foto)

I would just like to say a HUGE thank you to my mum, Ellen, for helping put up and take down the stand. Without her, I would have been a gibbering wreck.

Thanks to my brother, James Magnus with his Night Bear Foto company, for taking pictures of me and my stand and making the most of a dark basement area.

And finally, thank you to Philippa, my lovely partner in crime, who came a couple of evenings bearing chocolate chip cookies and giving me a break from my sales patter!