19 July 2013

Relocation Relocation Relocation

Well... its been a busy few months and I can't quite believe how quickly the time has swept buy. Blogging definitely fell to the bottom of the pile of things to do.

The main reason for all the busy-ness and distraction has been a relocation at work in my day job.

For the last 5 and a bit years (soon coming up to 6 years!), I have been commuting into central London for my job as a designer in a small company that is part of a larger group of printing companies.

We were based in the London office on Clerkenwell Road, but since the beginning of May have moved down to Croydon where the headquarters and some of the factories are based.

We heard the news about the possibility of moving back in January. Then there were many meetings to discuss the move and plans being made. There were lots of talks and worrying about the logistics and how it effected our small little company. It was a very stressful time but now we are settled in.

My routine has changed dramatically from commuting nearly 4 hours each day to and from London, 5 days a week to working a few days at home in my spare room / home office / dressing room. Then one or two days a week I travel down South to work in the Croydon office.

What I miss about working in London:

  • All the cafés and delis with a variety of yummy and unusual food.
  • There always lots of interesting little nooks and crannies around the corner so you never know what you might discover. 
  • Access to free art gallery shows and openings and museums.
  • The shops. You can't beat the choice and availability in Oxford Street and the Westfield malls. Oh, and they stay open later so I could pop in after work before shlepping home.
  • Meeting up with friends after work. A lot of my friends live or work in or near London and so it was easy to meet up for dinner and catch up during the week. (Luckily, I still pass through London so I will see them occasionally but maybe with more forward planning.)
Here are some photos I took out and about in the area before we moved.

The White Hart PH
(7 Giltspur Street, London, Greater London EC1A 9DE, UK)

Saint Bartholomew's Hospital 
(9 Prescot St, London, Greater London E1 8PR, UK)

Faulkners Alley
(Albion Place, London Borough of Islington, Greater London, UK)

Kurt Geiger Head Office
(Britton Street, London Borough of Islington, Greater London, UK)

Smithfield Market
(201-232 Charterhouse St, London EC1M 6JN)

St John’s Gate
(St John Street, London EC1M 4DA) ‎

What I definitely DON'T miss about working in London:

  • It gets a bit expensive eating at these lovely cafés and restaurants in London all the time.
  • The train fairs aren't cheap to get into London from where I live. It hurt my pocket and finances!
  • Noisy. There's the traffic, building works, road works, chattering people, large vehicles reversing. 
  • Dirty. Dust and fumes kicked up from the traffic. The underground is pretty grimey too.
  • The crowds. On the tube, roads, in the shops. Everywhere.
  • Pigeons. Why do they stalk me and choose to fly at me? Why do they have only one leg? 

And so for now at least,  it seems to have worked out for the best and the move has had an overall positive impact on me. Hurrah!