23 March 2016

Expert in Residence

Well, I can now officially call myself an expert. I like the sound of that. I might even make myself a badge to wear round the house. Maybe even a special hat too to complete the ensemble.

My local library in Northampton was running a volunteer drive at the beginning of the year and was asked if I was interested in volunteering. I said that I was happy to offer my design services to the library and their workshops aimed at startup businesses and was put in touch with the right people.

Today I was invited to the 'Business Planning Workshop' at Northampton Central Library run by Business & IP Centre Northamptonshire and linked with the British Library. Afterwards, we had a meeting and discussed how I get involved.

And the outcome is that I am to be an 'expert in residence' offering 1:1 advice on branding, design and marketing for startups and small businesses. I am looking forward to offering help and advice to people as I have enjoyed mentoring in the past. And of course hope it leads to a bit of design work too!

The Business & IP Centre Northamptonshire offer loads of free workshops that can help get someone starting up their own business get on the right track. There are workshops about social media and websites for your business, links to the British Library webinars and other 1:1 sessions.

The Business Planning Workshop I went to today was great and even though I have a business plan, I learnt some new tips and things I need to include, as well as advice specific to Northamptonshire.

For more information, resource and other advice on offer in Northampton and surrounding areas, check out the Business & IP Centre Northamptonshire website.

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