A bit about me

My name is Marie-Louise and I'm a freelance graphic designer at Lovely Designs, based in Northampton, UK. Get in contact to hire me, for more information, examples of my work or a quote for a design project.

Please note that the examples featured above are a mix of work for Lovely Design clients and for other design agencies.

I got married in October 2008. Having planned my own wedding and designing the invites and all my stationery, I got a bit addicted to looking at and making pretty things in my spare time. Since then I have designed wedding items for some of my lovely friends and family and have been a bridesmaid three times.

In May 2014, our little boy was born and has been running rings round us and bringing us joy in equal measure.

I have set up this blog to share some of the designs that I have produced and things that inspire me. Hopefully this online scrap book of sorts will be a source of inspiration and interest to you too.

Check out my boards on Pinterest for more ideas and inspiring pictures.

Lite Bites

  • I am half Norwegian. The other half is mostly English with a bit of Russian. My husband is mostly English with a bit of Irish and Mauritius lineage. So that makes our son a quarter Norwegian, an eighth Mauritius, a sixteenth Russian and the rest British! 
  • I have a borderline obsession with shoes. I have lost count of how many I own and have squirrel-like stashes at our house, my mum's house and used to have a box of shoes under my desk at work. I am getting better(ish) in the shoe collecting habit now that I tend to live in flats.
  • I was an Expat Brat when growing up and have been lucky enough to have had a varied upbringing, living in Oman, Burma, Abu Dhabi, Saudia Arabia and lastly Dubai (oooh! how glamourous!)
  • If I had to choose between cheese or chocolate, it would be cheese and can't live without it. But during my pregnancy I developed a sweet tooth that I still can't shift and now can't live without dark chocolate either. So thankfully I don't have to choose.
  • I believe in 'honesty is the best policy' and 'treat others as you would like to be treated'.